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Compassionate, Personalized Representation

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Do not talk to the other side’s insurance company for these 5 important reasons

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

If you are in a car accident, be very careful about what you say to the other driver’s insurance company. It could affect the amount of compensation you receive.

You can get payment from your policy’s personal injury protection. If you need more compensation, you may need to turn to the other driver’s insurance. It is vital that you do not share too much information with that company for these reasons.

1. The other company is not on your side

The primary reason you should not talk to the other company is that the adjuster is not on your side. Whoever you talk to will try to find evidence against you.

2. To avoid a quick settlement

Kentucky has some dangerous roads, and an accident is always possible. If this happens to you, you may find that the other driver’s company wants a quick settlement in order to pay less. Do not settle for less money than you deserve.

3. You may give them the chance to pin the blame on you

Someone representing the other company will be friendly and try to get you to relax. They will then trick you into saying something that pins the blame on you.

4. You may allow the other company to minimize your injury

Never discuss your injury over the phone. The other company may use what you say to minimize the harm you have suffered.

5. The company may record your statement and analyze it

The company may ask you to record your statement to speed up your claim. The adjuster could analyze it later and look for inconsistencies with the police record.

If you do get a call from the other driver’s insurance company, be polite. Ask the caller to speak with a representative from your insurance company instead.