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Who pays for medical bills after a car crash in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Every time you get behind the wheel, there is the chance of an accident. Serious wrecks can result in serious injury, thus precipitating hefty medical bills.

No matter who is at fault, these charges need payment. Kentucky has specific rules on the reimbursement process.

Why Personal Injury Protection is standard

In The Bluegrass State, auto insurance policies include Personal Injury Protection by default. The advantage of PIP is that it reduces the number of small claims cases going before a judge. The downside is that the rates are higher than the national average.

Some choose to file a No-Fault Rejection Form so that they do not have to pay for this add-on. They then receive nothing unless they can prove fault to the insurance company.

Drivers hurt in auto accidents receive payment from their PIP first. Basic PIP policies cover up to $10,000 of medical expenses. Additionally, PIP pays $300 a week for lost income. Car owners have the option to buy extra coverage. Despite this, most drivers choose otherwise.

When Personal Injury Protection runs out

The money PIP provides is not much when someone requires ongoing treatment. Considering the cost of visiting the ER, CT scans, and physical rehab, $10,000 is typically not enough. Money coming from private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid can help lessen the burden.

The injured may sue when PIP and other forms of insurance fail to cover expenses. Winning in court requires proof of fault and aggressive negotiators.

In Kentucky, compensation for injuries from car accidents begins with insurance. When this money is not enough, getting the rest requires legal action.