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How dash cams are used in car accident cases

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | General Personal Injury

Every state in the US now allows dashboard cameras (dash cams) as long as they do not obstruct your vision while you are driving.

These cameras are tools you can use to track your whereabouts, improve your driving or record evidence for car accident cases. Although they have minimal storage, you can manually save any footage you choose.

How you can use the footage

You may need to prove who was at fault in your car accident to recover damages. You can use your dash cam footage during negotiations, mediations, arbitrations and lawsuits to show who was at fault and that you followed traffic laws before, during and after the accident.

How insurance companies use your video

Insurance companies can also request the footage of the accident. If you deny access or they find any indication that you may have been even partially at fault on the video, they could deny your claim.

How your opposition can use your footage

The opposition can also subpoena your video footage during the discovery period of a lawsuit. This footage is can damage your case if it did not catch the entire accident, shows you driving recklessly before the accident, is grainy or difficult to see or shows that you were at fault.

Remember that your dash cam only records what is in front of you. Therefore, your footage may not fully prove that another party is at fault and you held no responsibility for the accident. To protect yourself, gather as much evidence as you can, including witness testimonies, police reports and photos and video of the crash site, participants and debris.